BritePlus MX Aluminum Trailer Cleaner

An unpolished aluminum CNC horse trailer after BritePlus MX cleaning

BritePlus MX is the choice for superior cleaning of natural, brushed and painted aluminum and stainless steel

BritePlus MX cuts through yellow stains, black streaks, haze and other discolorations. Brite Plus MX cleans and brightens faded and oxidized aluminum. BritePlus MX even works great on painted surfaces.

It’s the stronger of the two BritePlus products. While it’s designed for metal, we’ve had great results on painted FRP trailers with aluminum trim, like the Hart trailer shown below.

A horse trailer cleaned with BritePlus MX


BritePlus MX is ready to use — and simple.

— Prep by spraying or washing off surface dirt.
— Apply BritePlus MX with a garden sprayer.
— Agitate the cleaner on the surface with a cloth, sponge or brush.
— Rinse—and that’s it!

The results are remarkable!

BritePlus MX works great on trailers and other equipment, new and old.

BritePlus MX is an economical, and highly effective, solution for cleaning stained and oxidized aluminum trailer—painted or not. From tractor-trailers, to horse trailers, cattle and stock trailers, tankers, engine compartments, wheels and much more. A 2.5 gallon container is normally enough product to clean a 20 foot trailer twice.

BritePlus MX makes sense. Commercial quality truck and trailer cleaning at home

BritePlus MX is the heavy-duty aluminum trailer cleaner you can count on. And not just for trailers!

Convenient, pre-mixed solution is the choice for the toughest jobs

Just remember: BritePlus MX can dull and/or whiten polished surfaces—so choose SILVER BritePlus MX for those applications

NOTE: Both BritePlus MX and Silver BritePlus MX work great on paint.  

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BritePlus MX - pre-mixed and ready-to-use in a convenient 2.5 gallon container

BritePlus MX 1.0 Gallon Jug

Price: $19.95

BritePlus MX 2.5 Gallon Jug 

Price: $42.95

BritePlus MX 5 Gallon Bucket 

Price: $67.95


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1.0 Gallon Jug

Price: $19.95

2.5 Gallon Jug

Price: $42.95

5 Gallon Bucket

Price: $67.95

We Ship to Your Home OR Business IN THE USA
Call for Alaska & Hawaii orders. Canada Orders? Click HERE

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