BriteKleen Solutions FAQ

Why BriteKleen Solutions?

We are in the business of finding the best solutions! We’re here to help you! Go ahead. You can call and talk to us about your specific problem. We we wanted a better solution for ourselves. Then we found that we could help others, too! (We’ve done this before with horse travel corrals, but that’s another story.) With Silver BritePlus MX and BritePlus MX we discovered a product with an 8-year history in the commercial aluminum trailer cleaning market—and it works GREAT at home! So, we’re not just another online retailer. We know why you need this stuff. Because we do, too!

Which Product???

That depends – BritePlus MX is for aluminum and stainless steel that isn’t polished. It cleans it and makes it shine! So, raw aluminum and stainless, and brushed aluminum and stainleess are perfect for BritePlus MX.

If your equipment (trailer, boat, wheels, etc.) is reflective and shiny—not brushed or raw aluminum or stainless—then Silver BritePlus MX is perfect. It’s for polished aluminum and stainless steel. The glossy, mirror-finish metals need Silver BritePlus MX!

Will either one damage my trailer, boat, engine compartment, aluminum wheels, etc?

No. However…just don’t use BritePlus MX on polished aluminum or stainless steel. It can dull the finish. Use the right product—if it’s polished and shiny, use Silver BritePlus MX. Anything else – use BritePlus MX. Still wondering? Contact us and we’ll see that you get the right stuff.

How about other things? Are these products safe to use on paint? Decals? Plastics?

Yes sir. Safe as can be. In fact, both will help clean oxidation, and other things degreasers wont, from the paint. Your WHOLE trailer’s gonna look spiffy!

How far does a 2.5 gallon container go? What can I wash?

You should be able to wash a typical 20-foot horse trailer a couple of times, but how far it goes depends on how dirty your equipment actually is.

What’s the deal with MX?

The MX just means pre-mixed – both BritePlus MX and Silver BritePlus MX are pre-mixed and ready to go. We do have concentrates available for our commercial customers. Contact us if you’d like information on commercial quantities.

Are these products harmful to people?

No, but…they are serious cleaners, so be careful when and where you spray them. Below are links to the Materials Safety Data Sheets for both products.

— Silver Brite Plus MX MSDS

— Brite Plus MX MSDS

Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Sunglasses are fine. Spray close to the item where you’re applying the product, so you don’t have a lot of overspray.

Are these made in the US?

Yep. Proudly made in South Dakota.

How are these considered “green” products?

The’re actually derivatives of Corn and Soy; they are ag-based, just like South Dakota!