Check Out How To Use BritePlus MX and Silver BritePlus MX

The slides below outline the BriteKleen method of aluminum and stainless steel cleaning. Click on the colored tabs to advance topics, and the small squares  within the right corner of each slide to see more information. Or, the slides will play automatically.

Preparation: Wash & Dry
  • Knock the Dirt Off First

    First pressure wash the trailer before using BritePlus MX Every job requires getting the surface dirt off first.

    It doesn't matter what you're cleaning — aluminum wheels — aluminum boat or trailer — stainless tanks, parts, etc. Pressure wash first. Or do a full soap wash and rinse. Even better, do both. Especially if it's really grimy.

  • Cleaner Surface = More Effective

    Full soap wash and rinse prep before BritePlus MX or Silver BritePlus MX BothBritePlus MX and Silver BritePlus MX react chemically with the metal itself.

    They need direct exposure to the surface to restore shine and lustre!

    TIP: A good wash before applying makes BritePlus MX or Silver BritePlus MX work better.

  • Dry Surface = More Effective

    A prepped trailer for BritePlus MXIt's important to apply BritePlus products to a dry surface.

    Once you've finished washing/pressure washing, let the surface dry. Or use towels. A wet surface dilutes the product—and diminishes cleaning effect.

    TIP: Make sure surface is cool to touch. Work in the shade after the trailer has dried if the metal is hot to the touch.

Apply Cleaner
  • Silver BritePlus MX and BritePlus MX are Easy to Use

    Apply Silver BritePlus to a dry surfaceThey're safe, too. But common sense goes a long way. They do some serious aluminum & stainless cleaning. Wear rubber gloves. Put on glasses. Be careful where you spray! A garden sprayer works great. Pump up the pressure and apply the solution in an even mist—starting at the bottom and moving up.

  • Working From the Bottom Up Reduces Streaking

    Apply evenly - don't let the cleaner dry on the surfaceSpray surface evenly. Do not let the cleaner dry on the surface!

  • TIP: Don't Cover Too Much of the Surface at One Time

    cleaning the alumunim horse trailer in the shadeYou don't want the cleaner to dry. If the metal is hot—work in segments so the cleaner doesn't dry. Better yet, work in the shade.

  • BritePlus MX applied to wheels with a hand spray bottle



    For small items, like parts or aluminum wheels, a spray bottle works great.

Agitate Cleaner
  • Brushing Ensures Good Surface Contact

    Cleaning the Silverlite horse trailer with Silver BritePlus MXAgitating the cleaner with a brush gives the best results. Just be sure it's appropriate for the finish.

  • brushing the BritePlus MX on the surface


    If your trailer or other metal equipment has a lot of staining and/or black streaks after the preliminary wash, brushing the cleaner on the surface is important.

    You can use a wash mitt or cloth, too.

    NOTE: Remember to wear rubber gloves!

  • Rinse Before Cleaner Dries

    After spraying on BritePlus or SilverBrite Plus—and agitating with a brush, cloth* or sponge*—it's time to rinse. *wear rubber gloves!Rinsing the BritePlus MX cleaner from the trailer This time you can start from the top. Rinse thoroughly. A pressure washer works great for this. Just be sure to get everything flushed with clean water.

  • Pressure washing before using BritePlus MX

Bright, Clean & Shiny!
  • Experiment for Success

    A very clean shiny stainless cap on a horsetrailer cleaned with Silver BritePlus MXThe first time you do a BritePlus treatment you'll often find that another application right away helps even more. Especially if the trailer or equipment was very dirty.

    Subsequent cleanings continue to improve shine, lustre and appearance. Every surface is different, so experiment for yourself.

  • The Shinier the Surface the More Difficult the Job

    Make sure the surface stainless is covered with Silver BritePlus MXGoing to a stronger acidic reaction dulls the metal—and defeats the purpose. Commercial truck washes aren't recommended for polished aluminum & stainless.

    But Silver BritePlus MX is perfect for highly polished and reflective metal surfaces!

  • Not Every Stain Can Be Removed

    BritePlus MX and Silver BritePlus MX are  top-notch products. They make it simple to clean, brighten, and restore aluminum and stainless steel. But they really aren't magic.

    Some serious water spots, stains and oxidation pits will not come off.

    We're experimenting with other products to solve these issues that do occur. The only real answer is certain polishes—and elbow grease.

    We'll offer some new products online as soon as we find the right "solution."