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Clean & Brighten Aluminum & Stainless

Clean & Brighten Aluminum & Stainless

Better than professional results—at home
Let’s Clean that Aluminum!

Safely Clean Aluminum & Stainless at Home

  • Spray on dry surface
  • Agitate with brush
  • Rinse!
  • Designed for polished & brushed aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Safe on both bare metal—and painted surfaces.

Trucks, Trailers, Boats, RVs & More

Cleans aluminum oxidation, stains and black streaks—safely—that other cleaners can’t touch. Power washing & detergents…they don’t even come close.

So Economical …
  • 2.5 gallons typically cleans a 20-ft aluminum trailer twice!
  • DIY! —And forget damaging truck acid washes!

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Which Product? BritePlus or Silver BritePlus? BriteWash?

— BritePlus is for brushed and raw aluminum.

— Silver BritePlus is for polished / shiny aluminum and stainless steel.

Silver BritePlus is a milder cleaner, less likely to damage polished or brighter metal surfaces.

— BriteWash detergent is used TOGETHER with BritePlus or Silver BritePlus

Brush / agitate BriteWash directly on the other products before rinsing. The chemical reaction dramatically increases overall cleaning effectiveness of BritePlus or Silver BritePlus. Purchase a combo & save $$.

  • Use BriteWash to neutralize the acid of BritePlus or Silver BritePlus cleaners.
  • This highly-recommended two-part application combo is our most effective aluminum cleaning solution.
  • On its own—directly on painted surfaces—BriteWash is an outstanding washing detergent for cars, trucks, trailers and other painted equipment.
  • BriteWash is ideal for cleaning in between applications of BritePlus or Silver BritePlus.

Aluminum & Stainless Cleaning—Easy. Effective. Economical.


Unbelievably EASY

1. Spray on dry surface
2. Agitate with brush
3. Rinse!

See For Yourself


Remarkably Effective

Removes stains, streaks & marks
other cleaners leave behind.
Safe on bare & painted surfaces,

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Surprisingly Economical

Far cheaper—and safer—than a commercial acid truck wash. Pre-mixed and ready to use!

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